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Subject: Re: two questions - parsing speed and java bug.
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/24/2002 08:52
> This is a great program, and normally works very 
> well.  The only thing that drives me crazy is how 
> it takes to find the links in larger html pages.  (I 
> have seen it take 10 minutes for one page.) Is there 
> any way to speed that up?
Finding links is rather fast, but testing unknown 
links may take some time. For example, asp or php 
pages are considered as 'unknown', and require a 
preliminary check to detect the MIME type. This check 
is necessary BEFORE downloading the link as the engine 
may rename (asp -> html or php -> html) the page 
according to its type.
Use 'MIME types' to speed up the process: select 
something like 'php,asp,cgi' -> 'text/html'

> I tryed downloading , I set all 
> the options I could, and when I clicked the web 
> It locked up my browser into some kind of evil 
> It kept calling itself or something. Try it and see. 
> (it is a very small website, should only take a few 
> minutes.)  Anyone have any ideas on how to get 
> strange tricks like this?
Yes, maybe a missing embedded class or something. The 
java parser will have to be rechecked (the generated 
paths are sometimes not correct)
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two questions - parsing speed and java bug.

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Re: two questions - parsing speed and java bug.

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