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Subject: how to set...
Author: Tom
Date: 02/24/2002 10:10
as i donno how to explain, i'll give u the URL: 
<> - as u can see, there's a 
lot of linx within that page. now, click 
on 'joseph_alward.html' - and u r on the page 
containing linx to the pages that u could reach 
through the linx on <> - 
also, within 
<> page u 
can find alot of external linx, considering texts as 
it final limit i want to mirror (no other linx within 
that external page shouldn't be mirrored). so, should 
i put max external depth to 1 in this case? second 
problem is how to set 
<> as a 
start page while offline browsing - a page through 
which i want to access to all documents under 
<> and external pages?! is 
it possible to set it?!
i hope it wont be a problem to go and visit this page 
in way to help me :)

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02/24/2002 10:10


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