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Subject: renaming files
Author: Michal Zadnik
Date: 02/25/2002 17:41
Michal Zadnik

I'd like to ask whether it is possible rename
(-N option) only html files,
but to keep names of other files (images etc.)
I mean - I have an URL like:

I want to download this page as 1369.html
with images, and so on.

but if I use something like (just simple example):
httrack <> \
-N[id].html \*.jpg*.gif*.png \
-%A php3=text/html

then all names of all files (except 1369.html)
are like this:

Is it possible just to rename the html file and not
all the others?(And this has another effect - it doesn't create
subdirs for the images, but puts all files to one
directory; I'm sure that I have correct settings for
other options, because I tried it without "-N" option
and it worked fine.)

Yes, and another question - I really _need_ download
files without extension (no "." (dot) in name) linked
from pages. Is it possible (=is it possible to create
filter for it?(Because it probably isn't possible to do it in
the other way - forbid all known unwanted types of 
and than allow all))?I have to use filters on these pages, so it probably
isn't possible just to use -n option.

(Don't ask me, why autor of these pages did it in this 

Thanks a lot
Michal Zadnik

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02/25/2002 17:41
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