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Subject: Re: error '400'
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/25/2002 21:27
> (is there a french forum ?)

No - as there are approx. 20 different languages, it 
would be difficult to have multiple forums (and very 
painful for me to answer to 20 forums ;) )

> I use this excellent web site copier under Windows, 
> but I have a problem with one site? The reported 
> error is :
> 12:26:34	Error: 	'Bad Request' (400) at link 
> (from primary/primary)

Fatal error on the first link.. maybe a filter against 
offline browsers (all sites hosted by online have this 
protection.. maybe due to bandwidth abuses)

> I tried some tips, as limitions, last version, 
> but I can't download the site : <>

Yes, hosted by online, which detect the Browser-ID 
string sent by HTTrack (can be changed). Try to ask 
first the persmission to copy the site, and set 
reasonnable settings for the mirror: 2 simultaneous 
connections, and maybe bandwidth limit if you are 
connecting through a fast pipe (but if you are 
connected using an isp like wanadoo or club-internet, 
it should be okay: proxad and these ISPs have a 
peering system to exchange traffic)

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