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Subject: Re: random walk tools
Author: freedom-lover
Date: 03/05/2007 15:17
   Actually it will.  Not completely, but it's like signal to noise ratio in
communication theory.  The more noise there is, the harder it is to pick out
the signal.  True, if someone with access to the logs asks 'did he visit
website x?' it doesn't help, but that's not the idea.  The idea is that our
government wants to start making ISPs keep activity logs for fairly long
periods of time (2 years has been discussed seriously).  This is going to lead
to the ISP selling this data to marketing firms, advertisers, politicians, ect
for general profiling.  That's where the random internet visits work.  I may
not be able to keep the ISPs from maintaining usage logs, but too much data is
often as bad as too little.

    All communications theory and politics aside, can anyone offer good
suggestions on setting up HTTRACK for this sort of use, or perhaps know of a
better application?
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