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Subject: Rewrite links internal/external
Author: Peter Van Garderen
Date: 02/28/2002 15:42

I am trying to create a historical snapshot of our 
website that can be made available to researchers at 
our archives at a later date on a local computer or 
via a website. I would like to create a self-contained 
snapshot that does not preserve external links. When 
HTTtrack encounters external links I would like to 
automatically replace the external URL with a local, 
relative URL that points to a HTML file that I've 
created and will include in the directory with the 
snapshot which will say something like: "this is an 
external link and is not supported in this snapshot. 
Click here to return to the snapshot". So what I am 
asking is, can I program the 'rewrite links' option to 
have all external links point to a specific, internal, 
relative URL?

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