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Subject: Hangs on Full Site Mirror +1
Author: Randy
Date: 02/28/2002 21:26
I have mirrored a couple of sites and this program 
works great.  However on one site, I wanted to mirror 
the site plus save the pages that are one click 
outside of that site.  For example, if I try to mirror and if the pages in 
contain links to pages on other sites, I would like to 
save that page ONLY that those links refer to, but not 
go any further.

I think I know how to do this.  Under Options->Limits 
I set the Maximum External Depth to 1.  Now the 
program starts to save those pages as expected, but 
the problem is, it ALWAYS just hangs up after a few, 
sometimes more than a few seconds, into the mirror 
process.  I have tried setting the timeout to 10 even 
(I have a cable modem), and even tried with 'exclude 
host if timedout' option, but nothing works, as long 
as the external depth is 1, the program WILL stop 
after a short time.

As an example try



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Hangs on Full Site Mirror +1

02/28/2002 21:26
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