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Subject: Extremely Easy Solution
Author: Peter Rivard
Date: 04/06/2007 18:00
I tried HTTrack for a while--it works beautifully at downloading sites, but I
could never get it to download just pages from a list without it weirdly
renaming them (images worked OK, but getting pages doesn't).  I tried about 30
different programs.  None of them worked--either they also renamed files, they
wouldn't accept large lists of URLs, they had various problems with a big list
even if they took it, etc.  Since I'd had such great experience with HTTrack
up until I tried this, I was extremely frustrated that no one on the forums
could or would deign to answer questions like the one in this thread.

Here's the solution.  Website Downloader ( 
It's easy, nothing to configure, it just works, and it downloads 10X faster
than HTTtrack.

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