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Subject: Duplicate Files - Collision Again
Author: Sector
Date: 04/13/2007 11:30
I have the same problem as many users in this forum since a long time ago.I
want to create a mirrored site that all the files are unique without the -2 -3
-4 etc append to the filenames.I consider this as a limitation because its not
a rule that all sites are producing duplicates due to different files like in
the example of the index file you always mention.An example: i have 2 SAME
links in 2 different pages using a querystring filter for naming files, for
example sth_sid.If i produce two pages, pagesth_sid-1 and pagesth_sid-2 i m
having a very serious problem because my site is having more than 1000 pages
with same links very often.This increases the duplicates files ( with SAME
functionality in my case ) in a geometrical progressing way as we say in
maths,meaning when the links are 2 the files are 2,but for 3 links the files
are 2^3.. imagine 2^1000 haha.So, I suggest having a choice if there would be
renaming of the file or just ignorance ( eg preserve file name uniquenes or
something ).I dont think this is  difficult to be achieved in development
terms and would add a valuable option which anyone have the CHOICE to use or
not, and i don't know how difficult would be the links to identical pages( IF
a file has already been created ) to redirect to the unique file name and not
a renamed one.I hope i don't miss sthing important in my concept or

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Duplicate Files - Collision Again

04/13/2007 11:30


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