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Subject: excluding files problems
Author: BzF
Date: 03/01/2002 21:36
again on filters:
(tried with httrack on windows)

I try to download these uri's
(are in root-test.txt):

(in fact there will be more uri's from another
server, but both shows same problems; but
for testing purposes these 3 uri's are fine)

I want to download these pages and all files
shown or linked from them:
(*.ps,*gz,*.tex,*.jpg,*.jpeg, *.png ........)
but not links to other html files - in this web
phtml files (index*,clanek*).

So I thought it wuld be easier to exclude files
I don't want then specify all filetypes I want
to download
(With specifying which files I want it worked fine:
httrack --list "c:\websites\root-test.txt"
-W --depth=4 --ext-depth=0
-O "c:\websites\root-pokus\01"  -%v
.... the same for all possible/wanted filetypes
--assume phtml=text/html)

So I tried this(commands shoud be on one line):

httrack --list "c:\websites\root-test.txt"
-W --depth=4
-O "c:\websites\root-pokus\02" -%v
--assume phtml=text/html

and this:
httrack --list "c:\websites\root-test.txt"
-W --depth=4 --ext-depth=0
-O "c:\websites\root-pokus\yy"  -%v
--assume phtml=text/htm

I supposed that I (from the first example):
-* ---> excluded all files* ---> excluded all files beginning
                      with index*
...*---> included all other files

But it deosn't work, it still downloads all
index.phtml?oblast=* and clanek.phtml?id=* files.

Is there a way how to make it work in the way with
excluding files?(I really don't want to specify all possible
filetypes that can exist (except phtml ;-)))

(what about -n option ? It isn't clear to me, what
is this option exactly used for.)

B z F 

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