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Subject: How to I propagate credentials recursively?
Author: Ian Jacobs
Date: 05/01/2007 04:56

First, thank you for httrack. I am creating an offline
archive of a site that requires basic authentication
(user name + password). Per the FAQ [1], I use the
this form to provide user name + password information for
resources I know about:


However, suppose that resource links to another resource
that requires authentication. I have provide credentials
one time (foo:bar) but they do not seem to be re-applied
for URIs that require authentication at the same site.

I tried to use the -P option like this:


Hoping that httrack would treat the "regular site" like
a proxy and let me pass my credentials through that way.
However, that seems not to work.

Thus, I am seeking advice: I am retrieving N resources
from a Web site. I would like to provide credentials
one time and have them applied for all N resources
(since some of those resources link to others of
those resources via absolute URIs).

Is this possible with httrack? Thank you for any advice,


[1] <>

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How to I propagate credentials recursively?

05/01/2007 04:56


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