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Subject: The site I mirrored is not complete
Author: Urban
Date: 05/02/2007 14:23
I tried to copy this site:
It is divided into several frames, in the left frame, there is the possibility
to choose several locations (let's try "Cergy-pontoise"), the information one
wants to get about it (let's try "Photographies") and a small orange arrow
that starts loading the page you want.
My problem, is that when you do that on the site mirrored with Httrack, you
get an error 404 message.
I checked the files downloaded thanks to Httrack and saw that the data related
to that page (the photo files among others) had not been downloaded.
How can I fix that problem?I'm sorry if this had already asked in the forum
but I had not been able to figure this out cause I am not used with the
technical vocabulary used here.
This is the first difficulty I have with Httrack that is clearly an awesome

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The site I mirrored is not complete

05/02/2007 14:23


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