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Subject: Mirror not complete - Requested Range Not Satisfia
Author: Denver
Date: 05/07/2007 11:29
we are using httrack 3.33 (commandline at debian) to create a mirror, and zip
that mirror every night.
but not all pages are mirrored, and httrack is really slow.

we call httrack using the next line:
sudo httrack <> -O "/full/path/to/mirror_location" -I0
--user-agent "new_user_agent" -%U test_webuser

after httrack is being finished, we zip the mirror.

i read the hts-log.txt file, and there were just 2 lines in it:

22:00:04	Info: 	Note: due to remote robots.txt rules, links
begining with these path will be forbidden: /error/, /stats/ (see in the
options to disable this)
22:00:08	Warning: 	Unexpected 412/416 error (Requested Range Not Satisfiable)
No files purged

i tried searching for a fix, but could not find an answer to this particular

can anyone please help us? thanks!

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Mirror not complete - Requested Range Not Satisfia

05/07/2007 11:29


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