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Subject: URL-Transformation Rules?
Author: Innocentus
Date: 05/18/2007 21:08
Dear Friends,

I have a dynamic (php-driven) website.
I want to burn this website without destroying the functionality as static
.html files on a cd.
Well, HTTrack is fantastic: Everything works - even on cd.

But there is one problem:
I use Flash on some websites.
Every flash get a special parameter.
The source looks like that:

... value="DxmlPath=/XML/873.xml" ...

Now HTTrack creates a directory with the name "DxmlPath_" and then a directory
named "XML" and then a file:

Well, the .html-extension is not the problem. Everything would work still
The problem is, that HTTrack creates a directory named "DxmlPath_" - that is
not a directory in reality. - DxmlPath is a variable which get the filepath.

How can I prevent the creation of the directory "DxmlPath_" ? 
It's very disturbing and prevents the proper functionality of the mirrored

Is there some possibility to create such rules?
Thank you very much for your help!
With best regards

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05/18/2007 21:08
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