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Subject: Re: Faulty PURGE should be default OFF
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/15/2007 19:49
> The hazardous Gigabyte-of-downloaded-
> -data-erased-in-blink-of-eye-PURGE function (?), no,
> BUG, has to be off by default, not the other way
> 'round.

Well, httrack can not reliably keep files and update them - and if the remote
copy removes these files, the files will remain locally.

This is why httrack always attempt to wipe all files that have not been "seen"
during a copy, unless the specific option (do not purge files) is selected.

If you keep this option always enabled, the mirror will always grow (ie.
sections replaced by other sections will add new data, but old ones will
remain) and in certain cases, this will result in a endlessly growing mirror.

But I reckon that this default setting can be very annoying (and I also
encountered this kind of problem after shutdowning too quickly a copy)

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