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Subject: Misc PlugIn Issues 3.4.1-2/-3
Author: Questor
Date: 06/19/2007 22:28
Great product! Many thanks for all the hard work!

We have been successfully using the libhttrack.dll plugin under 3.4.0; in
attempting to make the transition to 3.4.1-2/-3, we noticed the following

1) The dll is called three times upon initial load. Instance A load/unload, B
load, C load/unload, B unload. Then after each "next" mirror, B load/unload, B
load/unload ...

2) THe CHAIN_FUNCTION for plugin_start, check_link, check_html does not seem
to be working. receivehead seems to be fine.

3) As noted elsewhere, the --wrapper argument is not handled correctly in
WinHTTrack (OK in HTTrack).

4) The default name for the dll is httrack-plugin; the documentation gives the
name incorrectly as libhtrack-plugin.

Looking forward to the next release!


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