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Subject: Update with command line
Author: Jakob
Date: 06/27/2007 13:40
I'm trying to update a site with the command line version (httrack).
When I'm using the GUI-version, and choosing the action "Update existing
download", everything works fine.
Only pages that has been modified since the previous run are updated.
But, when I use the command line version, this actions is not in the list of
available actions...
The actions available are (according to the manual):
  w *mirror web sites
  W  mirror web sites, semi-automatic 
  g  just get files
  i  continue an interrupted mirror using the cache
  Y   mirror ALL links located in the first level pages 

These 5 options are available, but in the GUI-version there are 7 "action"...
Am I missing something in the manual, or are these options not available in
the command line version?

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06/27/2007 13:40
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