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Subject: Re: Two questions
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/02/2007 15:13
> Now that I have copied a web site how do I look at
> it without going through the mirroring process to
> bring it back up again?  Soon the web site will be
> taken down and I want to get it on my computer so I
> can bring it back up again and look at it anytime I
> want to.
> Answer:
In the Base Path directory is index.html which lists all of your mirrors. 
Open that file with your browser.
> Also, I have a page on my web site which is
> internally linked but does not appear in any
> directory on my web site and can not be brought up
> through any click on buttons on my home page. How
> can I look at this page and how can I bring it up
> after I have mirrored the site onto my computer?> 
> Answer:
Httrack only knows the URLs you specify in the Web Addresses box and any links
it finds following those URLs.
If your site has hidden pages Httrack wont find them.
Add the hidden pages to the Web Addresses box.
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