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Subject: help with proxy page
Author: Karen
Date: 07/08/2007 10:54

I am brand new to WinHTTrack, as well as to anything related to proxies, etc.

I don't know if I use a proxy, so don't know if I am supposed to be filling in
an IP and a port.  And if I am supposed to be filling them in, I don't know
what to fill them in with (ie, where on my computer to find them).

When I didn't know what to do with the first step of filling in the proxy, I
went on to the next step.  But now I cannot locate the original proxy page to
fill out.  Could you point me in the direction of where the option is located,
I am a complete newbie, but am very anxious to learn.  I am thrilled to have
found this software, and look so forward to using it!  (I volunteer with a
lost-pet line, and this will help me so very much when I am offline but still
want to do some work!  Bless you!)

In specific, these are my questions:
1. Where do I find the proxy page within WinHTTrack?2. Where do I look things
up on my own computer to find my IP and Port?3. Where do I find a proxy on my
own computer?4. If I don't have a proxy on my computer, could you suggest
which one to use (I would be no good at knowing how to find one on google,
5. Are there parts of the proxy page that must be filled out and not left
blank?6. What other things are on the proxy page, and how do I fill them out
Thank you so much for the instructions!  I feel badly that I need
top-to-bottom instructions about how to approach the proxy, but I am so very

With many thanks,

-- Karen

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