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Subject: Re: HTTrack bug fixes and feature updates...
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 03/08/2002 00:20
> > 1.) lost/missing hts-log.txt files, referenced 
> > <>>; >
> Could never reproduce the issue (which wasn't 
> before), and I REALLY don't know where can be the 
> problem, as the logs are written using regular 
> () function calls and the stream is being flushed 
> using fflush() - that's all, no other specific 

I'll try a few things at home tonight to confirm...I 
think I have figured out the case when the log is 
written is when you click "Finish", 
then "Exit" after the mirror completes.  Do you think 
maybe HTTrack isn't closing the log file correctly or 
at the right time (i.e. not forced to close the log 
file until 'Exit' is pushed?)

> > 3.) real javascript engine 
> > status/plans, referenced here:
> NO plans yet, and certainly no plan in the future, 
> it would require to implement a javascript engine, 
> which is really beyond the scope of an offline 
> (I don't want HTTrack to grow to +10MB)

Just for the record there are several open source 
javascript engines, SpiderMonkey from the mozilla 
project <> that 
has been used in several non Mozilla browser projects:

Also Rhino <> a Java based 
Javascript engine.

Licensing is covered here (as HTTrack is GPL):

I'm thinking maybe someone (not necessarily Xavier) 
could combine the HTTrack source with the SpiderMonkey 
javascript engine.  If licensing is an issue, maybe 
the Javascript engine portion can be a module added 
afterwards by the enduser and enabled in an "Advanced" 
configuration page.  (My understanding is the engine 
can be an external DLL.)
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