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Subject: "Global Travel Mode" and Rules
Author: Stefan Wagner
Date: 07/20/2007 12:07

i want to spider a set of documents on various domains, i have  some web
adresses, set a list of rules and set the "global travel mode" to "go
everywhere on the web", now my rules don't apply anymore - could that be?
Here my rules: 
-mime:*/* +mime:text/html +mime:text/text +mime:application/pdf
+*.pdf +*.html
-*.zip -*.tar -*.tgz -*.gz -*.rar -*.z -*.exe
-*.gif -*.jpg -*.png -*.tif -*.bmp
-*.css -*.js

The URL to spider is

All documents which are linked from here (according to the rules) should be
spidered, but it also fetches URLs which are "outside" of my interest...

Any hints or ideas? 


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