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Subject: including footer error
Author: BzF
Date: 03/08/2002 21:35
I probably have ahother problem with httrack
(win.version, command line (httrack.exe), run from 
batch file):
I cannot include footer into downloaded document.
The line it batch file is (on one line):

httrack <>
--footer "Mirrored from host %%s file %%s at %%s"
-N article01.html --depth=0 --ext-depth=0
-O "c:/websites/test" -%%v -*
(on windows it seems to be necessary put there %%;
I also tried
--footer="Mirrored from host %%s file %%s at %%s"
but with same result)

And in the log is written that this command was used:

-%F "Mirrored from host %s file %s at %s"
-N article01.html -r0 -%e0
-O c:/websites/test -%v -*

So I don't know why there is no "Mirrored ..." message
in the downloaded file.


P.S. excluding *.html or *.phtml files still doesn't
work. I tried a lot of combinations of parameters,
but the only way seems to be to -* +all wanted

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