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Subject: Learning disabilities
Author: Ashley
Date: 07/24/2007 03:28
I am using HTT for first time having tried a couple of others. I am on dial-up.
I just did a 9 hour download of a large site. Fine. But it seemed to be
downloading endless pictures and so forth from other sites, no doubt linked to
this one which has many articles from many other sites. 

I decided that enough was enough. Cancelled. Then changed the rules to exclude
all files except those on the host site. Then started again. Now it is
reloading every single file and doing so at about the same speed as it did the
first nine hours. Furthermore, all the files already loaded have disappeared
in the browser and Explorer. 

Does this mean that any time you stop in the middle that everything you did
before disappears when you 'continue with the task' later on? If so, this
doesn't seem a very good option!

Or have I done something wrong somewhere in terms of how to cancel and
restart. Is there some trick to make sure you don't erase all the files that
were parsed and working and have to start all over again when you change the

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Learning disabilities

07/24/2007 03:28


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