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Subject: Tell WinHTTrack to not get updated, changed files?
Author: frew
Date: 07/31/2007 18:13

I wish to have WinHTTrack not do any updating when I resume a download that
has previously been stopped.

The updating process seems to get many large files all over again (and I am on
dialup)...and I want it to just go and get what it has not already got

I do not care about having WinHTTrack check to see if there are files that
have been changed or updated on the site...I just want to get the files, with
no checking for if the files have been changed on the site.

Is there a setting to tell WinHTTrack to just go get any files it has not got
yet, but to not check for changed files or updated files, etc?
Because I check the size of the download folder and it actually gets smaller
as WinHTTRack is downloading because WinHTTrack is downloading some files all
over again...not all files, but it's getting some files all over again.

I'd rather be able to say to WinHTTrack, "If you see a file I already have, do
not get it again even if the file on the site is newer, changed, updated,
etc...I do not want it...just leave me with the file you already got for me,
even if it's older than the one with the same name that you already got for me
last time."

Thank you very much for any ideas about this,



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Tell WinHTTrack to not get updated, changed files?

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