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Subject: Re: potential solution for HTTPS URLs in WinHTTrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/10/2002 17:57
> While I haven't had the need to use this yet myself, 
> realized that the free program Delegate 
> ( can translate https to http and 
> vice versa.  It is mentioned in the features list:

Humm.. maybe an idea. I may add an option like 'Use 
current proxy for HTTPS URLs' (added on TODO list)

> According to the HTTrack credits page all of HTTrack 
> except the java class parser by Yann Philippot is 
> Xavier's work, which he has released under the GPL.  
> think that means if both he and Yann Philippot want 
> to, they can re-release newer HTTracks under non-GPL 
> licenses, or under both GPL and non-GPL licenses. 

No need - you can use free/GPL/non free programs 
together (you can not mix their sources, but you can 
use one with another one)

> Benefit of going non-GPL (to something similar to 
> MPL or whatever) is you can incorporate other open 
> source yet non-GPL code into the program.  I think

I could, but there are many reasons not to do that 
(the GPL/LGPL are now the only decent open source 
licenses, other ones are generally considered as bad 
or twisted - and I don't want to switch to LGPL 
because of the risks of proprietary commercial use of 
the engine by a third party)

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potential solution for HTTPS URLs in WinHTTrack

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Re: potential solution for HTTPS URLs in WinHTTrack

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