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Subject: Re: Awesome program
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/10/2002 18:00
> However, 
> when I go back to the version on my hard disk of 
> <>
> and select an article, I get the message
> 'Sorry, the page you're looking for doesn't appear 
> be on the SPARC site.
> The page you were coming from was: 
> The page you were going to is: 
> <> '
> I get this even though protect.htm is on my hard 
> drive !  What do I have to do to stop this from 
> happening please?
Hum, I suspect either the server or the (javascripted) 
page to check the document.location or referer, which 
is NOT set to any 'http://..' form locally (of course, 
because you are browsing from a local disk), and 
therefore refuses to deliver the page.

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