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Subject: Re: binary files saved as html...
Author: Anna Grahm
Date: 03/10/2002 19:37
> > Instead of saving the files with the 
> > normal .zip, .cab, .exe, .dll, etc. extensions, 
> > are being saved with HTML extensions.
> Look at the .html files: they are error pages, I 
> presume (maybe a bad request or missing file due to 


They appear to be the actual binary file, just with a 
wrong extension.

In several cases I renamed the file extension and 
opened them up with PowerArchiver with no problems at 
all.  I certainly haven't checked all of them, so I 
don't know if there are any that were downloaded 

It looks like WinHTTrack is just getting the wrong 
extension when it builds the links to download.

I check the web site itself and it appears to be 
correct.  I can download the files myself correctly.

I even though that maybe the website is generating the 
index.html pages 'on the fly' and itself is 
occasionally sending out the wrong extension, but I 
haven't caught it doing that when I check the site 
directly.  But that doesn't make much sense.

I dunno.  I figured the most likely problem was in 
WinHTTrack itself.

> > Is there any way to tell it to flush the local 
> > links and regenerate it all from the site?> 
> Yes, delete all files in hts-cache which begin 
> with 'new' or 'old'

I wasn't sure because it said not to delete it if you 
want to be able to resume the downloads.

I've already succesfully downloaded about 200m of a 
300m site with just a slow modem, and I didn't want to 
start over.

There's a lot of small files and subdirs etc. and 
WinHTTrack uses / wastes a *lot* of bandwidth and time 
just browsing the site and testing links.  It seems 
like as much as the actual downloads itself takes.  
And with just a 40k modem connection (and 2-3 hours a 
day), I'm not eager to start over from the beginning.

(And the web site has blocked me several times when 
I've tried to restart.  They may be getting 'tired' of 
the constant 'hammering' that WinHTTrack does when it 
browses a site.  WinHTTrack is definetly slow and 
inefficient in this area!!)
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