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Subject: Re: binary files saved as html...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/13/2002 07:28
> Yes, there is a difference between a link directly 
to a certain file (eg: href='/files/test.exe') and a 
page which dynamically redirects the browser to a file.
> In the first instance, it is obvious to HTTrack what 
the file is, as it can just look at the extension 
(.exe), but the second method can sometimes mess 
HTTrack up a bit.
> I think this is especially true with links 
like '/download.asp?fileid=123'.  I'm not sure how the 
program handles these now-adays..

The redirects are followed during the naming process, 
and it generally works.. BUT some stupid sites are NOT 
sending redirects when a HEAD request is made by a 
client, and are generating something like a false (no 
HTTP error, just a page) HTML error page. 
Therefore, the engine (httrack) will assume that the 
link is.. an HTML page. Using 'use old HTTP/1.0' trick 
and 'tolerent requests' may work in this case, as the 
engine will try to use regular GET requests (and 
shutdown them immediately)
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