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Subject: Re: java files
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/26/2001 23:18
> but this opens up a jave window with the pic in 
> it.  Is it poss just to get the pics from the java 
> windows?
Well, it depends. Many java-based pages can be 
spidered, but some javascript codes are REALLY hard to 
handle, and therefore are impossible to parse.

Example of parseable code:
or even

Example of non-parseable code:
function foo(a) {

Generally, simple javascript can be handled - not 
complex one.
This is one of the problem of the parsing - the engine 
can not analyze the code itself, only detect language 

You can try to activate 'attempt to catch all links', 
and add '+*.gif +*.jpg' filters (among with 'catch all 
files near a link')
But this may fail, for tricky java code!

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