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Subject: REally screwed this up I need help NOW!
Author: Suzanne
Date: 09/21/2007 06:25
I just downloaded installed and opened the program. I don't know what happened
but it turned some folders on my system containing website built in
Dreamweaver to wtt files and I am so upset. I t is about 15 working files some
uploaded to he web which I can get back sopme not uploaded, I took the program
off my system and now the files are DREAMWEAVER files . They open in DW and I
can edit and add photos from Fireworks but The fole folders are not on my
system so I have no way to upload files whenthe working sites are done. I
really need help. Some of the sites I have are on free servers and do not use
FTP, I have to upload from files on my pc that only opn in DW now......IS
there any way to change them BACK? 
Email me OFF list, I won't b coming back here
You get it...........change to an at sign and a . before com....please someone
help me out

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REally screwed this up I need help NOW!

09/21/2007 06:25


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