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Subject: Re: Odd error message
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/14/2002 07:17
> I've not ever seen this error message before, but a 
co-worker is getting the following (v3.10 ... will 
upgrade her soon). What does it mean?> Error: 'Open error when decompressing'
(-1) at link
> (from www.blahblah)

The requested page was sent by the server in a 
compressed format (using gzip), BUT HTTrack could not 
decompress the data due to an internal error within 
the encapsulated gzip file.. maybe a bad gzip format, 
or a server error.
I tried and it seems to work now, it is possible that 
the connection was broken before the end of file -- in 
this case the complete file is being discarded, 
because the internal decompressor can not uncompress 
partial data.

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