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Subject: httrack halts, help!
Author: sunny
Date: 03/15/2002 03:00
while downlaoding a large website using the modified example(command line),
httrack will halt at some uncertain point, no response to user except Ctrl-C,
and doese not display any message any more.
OS: Windows 2000.
Parameters as below:
"Mozilla/4.5 (compatible; Windows 98)",  //my IDD
"<!--Mirrored by httrack-->",
"\"cs,en,*\"",        // use english
"",          //pesudo address, will be replaced by user's parameter
"\"d:\\pppp\",\"d:\\pppp\"", // pesudo saving address
"-#L1000000",   // large web site have so much urls
"-*.gif",     // refuse any imamge files
"-*.swf",   // do not save flash data

What's the reason?

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httrack halts, help!

03/15/2002 03:00
Re: httrack halts, help!

03/15/2002 07:33


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