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Subject: Cant copy site with login, tryed all ways...!
Author: chakuza
Date: 10/23/2007 19:46

i am registered on this site:


this is the start site, with login data necessary, in the upper right

my login data is:
nickname: chakuza25
pw:       chakuza1234

(if posting my login name and pw isnt allowed here, and it will be deleted,
please contact me under my email:  i will write u my pw and
nick, for testing and maybe solving my problem)

my problem is, that i want to copy a few sites from the STRATEGY section, lets
maybe for example take the 5 NOLIMIT artikels in the BEGINNER (in
german:einsteiger)section of STRATEGY (register card in the upper left

how the hell to copy this with hhtrack??i tryed for hours now, but i dont came
deeper with crawl, as to the first (home-) site after typing in my login
either it only copies just a few useless links from the home side (but it
shows logged in), or it copies all links and sites further , but i am not
logged in on the copied sites, that it shows me as result:(

but to copie some stuff i must logged in... i tryed all versions of catching
url, proxy settings, try the login data in the url, all step by step after the
descriptions her, but as i mentioned, i either come only one side deep, or
all, but not as logged in :(

(maybe the problem is too, that after loggin in, the adress in the url in the
browser blank doesnt change, it dont shows any login data in the site adress,
after loggin in...)

can someone try and help me out?
maybe with the path above, show me for example, how i can copie 5 articles
from the BEGINNER (einsteiger) section of NOLIMIT, which all is to find in the
STRATEGY section..
but definitely show me how to do, with my data logged in on the site! i must
be logged in for this solution..

i hope someone can help me out



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Cant copy site with login, tryed all ways...!

10/23/2007 19:46
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