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Subject: Re: HTTrack development support
Author: Gadrin
Date: 10/27/2007 06:47
You wouldn't need HTTrack for it.

A scripting or programming language could handle it. I've written several that
automate the use of MSIE and login to EBay or other sites, download data or
checkboxes on a 100+ pages so the user doesn't have to sit there clicking all

It'd be easier to write it without automating a browser, just a straight grab
the URL and then scan it. May take some time to figure out some of the
details. Not all sites play nice.

For instance I can grab an HTML page, then go down the list of names and tell
you how many times each appears in that web page. Then scan for links to other
pages on that site and then, do the same with those.

Something like that ?
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