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Subject: A more efficient cache format?
Author: Aaron
Date: 10/27/2007 17:00
Hello! After studying the cache format docs I got to thinking... is it
necessary for the cache zip file to store data+metadata?What about
externalizing the data in a (renamed) file and just storing
original-url-string, saved-file-name, MD5/SHA-1?File versioning is still
possible I think by assigning different names to each version of a file. The
zip would be MUCH smaller and faster to (re)process, and you would avoid a
duplicate copy of the data. The last mirror I made totaled over 1GiB, 50%
I hope you find this suggestion useful. Thank you anyway for this nifty

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A more efficient cache format?

10/27/2007 17:00
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10/28/2007 03:16


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