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Subject: Re: .js-Link-Parsing Problems (Directory+Filetype)
Author: William Roeder
Date: 10/28/2007 02:56
> If you tried 3.33 and it works successfully, please
> tell me detailed the preferences you took! But I'm
> quite shure that the 3.33 does not solve the
> problem!

3.32 [sic] worked fine for me except for the higher folder

Note that htrack does not contain a complete JS parser - it only attempts to
find links. Thus "c=a+b; open(c);" will not be parsed.

Starting at site/folder/JavaScript.html:
"javascript:popup('../TestHigherFolder.html');" and 
are both higher than the starting URL
options -> Experts Only -> Travel mode = "Can both go up & down" fixed the

while ../pdf/pdfhigherfolder.pdf is also covered by options  -> Links -> "Get
non-HTML files related to a link" = checked

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