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Subject: Only htm files - no change in URLs
Author: Suchi Garg
Date: 11/05/2007 09:22
Sorry if this has already been asked- but I really searched the forum - but
couldn't find what I want. 
Basically - I need to create a static version of my site - and need to get
only htm files. The htm files are all into directories and sub-directories -
and I want to maintain the directory structure. 
The second requirement is that I do not want httrack to mess up the URL in the
downloaded pages. eg: in one of my tries - it started downloading php pages -
and renaming them. As a result the links to those php pages in the downloaded
pages were all messed up.
I have been able to do something similar using the httrack wizard (conditions
were -* +*.htm) and selected option 4 - Mirror ALL links in URLs (Multiple
Mirror) - but how do i put this on command line as i need to run this using

Any help is appreciated. 
Thank You

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Only htm files - no change in URLs

11/05/2007 09:22
Re: Only htm files - no change in URLs

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