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Subject: Re: txt to html
Author: Gadrin
Date: 11/05/2007 18:08
Not sure if this will do the trick. This was in the FAQ:

    * Dynamic pages. Links with names terminated by .php3, .asp or other type
which are different from the regular .html or .htm will require a supplemental
request, too. HTTrack has to "know" the type (called "MIME type") of a file
before forming the destination filename. Files like foo.gif are "known" to be
images, ".html" are obviously HTML pages - but ".php3" pages may be either
dynamically generated html pages, images, data files...

      If you KNOW that ALL ".php3" and ".asp" pages are in fact HTML pages on
a mirror, use the assume option:
      --assume php3=text/html,asp=text/html

      This option can be used to change the type of a file, too : the MIME
type "application/x-MYTYPE" will always have the "MYTYPE" type. Therefore,
      --assume dat=application/x-zip
      will force the engine to rename all dat files into zip files

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