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Subject: 301/302 redirect problems
Author: Ordinator
Date: 11/06/2007 15:24
With httrack.exe I have the following redirect problem which does not occur
with winhttrack.exe. hts-log.txt reveals that

Info: 	engine: transfer-status: link error (302, 'Moved Temporarily'):

Warning: 	Moved Temporarily for

Warning: 	File has moved from to

On browser url line it looks like this:


and the problem is that THAT url takes one to a google portal for mobile
phones when pasted into url. However I yet haven't managed to make httrack
actually download even that page by itself, this far only received the "click
here" page where there is the following:


The url's above produce somewhat different results when pasted directly into a
browser but the problem is that none of them go to the correct page. Please
note that the real site name is not "cloaked" but I believe the same will
happen with any googlepages hosted site (search for examples if you need to).

But with an ordinary browser clicking on will naturally go to
the actual site with displaying on the url line.

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11/06/2007 15:24
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