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Subject: taking long time to download
Author: Sreenivas
Date: 11/07/2007 06:49
I am trying to dowload our developed application using HTTrack tool, but, it
is taking more than 24hrs to dowload and eventhough it is not downloading the
comeplete applicationa and i am aborting the downloading operation due to the
time constraint. Some images path is showing different path rather than the
actual path in some pages. I am using following settings to download my
application. Could you tell me actually what is the problem in my case.

Option panel settings

Proxy: with Default settings

Scan Rules: with the following settings
Limits: Max mirror depth: 20, Max external depth: 0, Max  
        Transfer rate: 20000
        Max number of Links: 100000 (remaining is default)
Flow Control: Number of Connections: 2 (remaining is 
Links:   Get non HTML files related to links – checked 
          (remaining is default)
Build: Local Structure type: Site-structure (default)  
                            (i.e., default setting)
       No error pages – checked, 
       No external pages –checked (remaining is default)
Spider: Accept cookies – unchecked, 
         Check document type – If unknown (except /)
         Parse java files – checked,  
         Spider : no robots.txt rules.              
        (remaining is default values)
Mime Type:  File type: jsp    MIME Identity: text/html

And BrowserID, Log Index Cache and Experts Only are having default settings

your information could be valuable to our effort.

Sreenivas Bhyri.

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