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Subject: How to download
Author: Nerd42
Date: 11/08/2007 19:00
It's Dot Com!

OK first of all YES I KNOW the flash support isn't very good. There have been
two or three other threads on this one site already and that's the answer
they've gotten every time.

I have another idea.

<> is the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki. On it is a page about
every single page on the site and they all link to the
pages that they're about.

So basically if there is some way I could instruct HTTrack (actually I'm using
SpiderZilla but anyways ...) to download all the files on
that are linked to from then basically I would end up with a
complete set of all the Homestar Runner cartoons and pages, right?
So ... if that is doable, then how do I do it?
I've tried another way of doing it already but I can't ever seem to get a
complete list of files <>

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