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Subject: Bug in Limits?
Author: Stevod
Date: 11/13/2007 17:07

I'm having long-standing problems with some of the LIMIT parameters, in that
files are being recorded as 'added' in the new.txt files in hts-cache, and yet
are never saved to disk.

As an example, take the project error log below, which uses all the defaults
plus an added size limit to download 1MB of the cisco website. The log says
that 42 files were saved to disk, and new.txt says that 40 were added, and yet
doing a "dir /s" on the download shows only 24 were saved to disk, comprising
a total of 517KB, not the 1MB requested.

The same behaviour is exhibited on some other of the LIMIT parameters, as
well. I suspect that reaching the limit means that the downloaded but
not-saved files are discarded, rather than cleanly flushed to disk. This
happens on most, if not all of the large websites that I download
automatically, and presumably leads to some people not getting what they asked

It was first reported in 2006
( - see that thread for
further info.

It's causing me a major problem because I auto-parse the new.txt file to find
what has been downloaded, and it's not correct. Help!!

Many thanks

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