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Subject: Re: save info as-I-browse
Author: Gadrin
Date: 11/19/2007 17:53
gee you don't ask for much ;)

sorry I'm not a web-browsing expert, but HTTrack requires you "know what
you're doing ahead of time" when you configure it to do something for you.
it's pretty smart, but can't think of everything.

I came across a recent free product you might want to look at. If you're
familiar with Excel, you can record macros of your actions and play them back.
This does almost the same thing, unfortunately it only works with Firefox &
MSIE (that I know of). You might be able to setup some pre-defined macros to
handle routine tasks you use. I'm still familiarizing myself with it, so I
can't say it'll be exactly what you want.


between that an WinHTTrack, you might be able to approximate some of the
functionality you want at your fingertips.

to do what you asked sounds like a lot of custom work and $$$, not to mention

maybe someone else can suggest a better alternative.
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