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Subject: Active Connections: only "None" or "1"?
Author: Robert Meier
Date: 12/05/2007 08:22

It doesnt matter which number i set at "mirror / modify options / Flow Control
/ Number of Connections",
I always only have "none" or "1" Active connections in the status window.
(alternates between "none" when "scanning" and "1" when "requesting" in the
Actions-window after every downloaded file).
Verified by etherreal on another PC
The trasfer rate is also very slow. I only get around 25 KBytes/s; with the
same files i get with other downloaders or with browsers up to
800KBytes/sec... (internet over tv cable)

I also tried among others...
- Parameter --disable-security-limits in the scan rules
- Parameter --sockets=4 in the scan rules (and of course other values, like
blank, 0, 100, etc...).
- commandline-parameter --sockets=8
- winhttrack version 3.32, 3.41-3, 3.42
- on a different windows-PC with another firewall (kerio vs jetico) and
another virus scanner (avg vs free-av)
- a lot of different sites and files

What could be the problem?
With browsers (e.g. opera) or example MetaProducts Offline Explorer i dont
have this problem that i only have 1 connection.

Thanks in advance, best regards, Robert :-)

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