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Subject: Re: pics not showing, xml...???
Author: John Collins
Date: 12/15/2007 20:03
Hi Gadrin,
Thanks, it's a bit confusing, here is a snip or an img ref;
  </v:shape><![endif]--><![if !vml]><img width=30 height=30

In this case, the actual pic is in a folder in the same directory at this html
file, and is called;
The folder it is in contains only a few pics relevant to this html page, and,
one file called;

I am running IE5.0 in Win95B and the web page loads and displays fine on line
still. I first mirrored with an older [V3.0?] HTTrack, this problem occured,
so I updated to V3.42, left browser ID on Mozilla 4.0 IE 5 Win 32, same
failure, downgraded to browser ID 4.5 IE w Win 95, still exactly the same
result, ie pics ARE found and stored, but don't display off line. Hmmm?
I then thought the extra "%20" in the file name might be the culprit, but
deleting it manually had no effect. Also, this problem occurs on nearly all
the pages of the site, and some most src's have no "%20"'s in them, and refer
to files in the same directory as the html file, so I stalled at that point.

Since I think this is the first time I have seem xml in a page I mirrored, I
wondered if therein lay the problem. Alas, I am no html, let alone xml expert!
So I thought I would ask the forum for any thoughts.

The last mirror was run with full de-bug log turned on, so I have a pretty
hefty *.txt file of what HTTrack did. The only error, which corrected in the
last 'update site' was a single missing *.gif for the math symbol background
wallpaper, otherwise, in all cases, zero errors showed, but due to site
structure, lots of warning that 'file has moved from ...'

In case it makes any difference, the site is still up;

Perhaps an 'expert eye' over the source might spot what is going on? [BTW, the
intor page loads off line with background and pics, but the header's radio
buttons are all messed up, and extraneous text is muddled with them also. The
page otherwise displays as if on line. Where I notice missing pics is only in
some pages!? Eg, Documents Section, Excel, How to...(various).

Help! I'm out of my depth here

Best Regards,
John Collins.
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