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Subject: Export settings from winhttrack?
Author: golizt
Date: 01/10/2008 12:07
Firstly, I am not a computer wizard. Its always good to point this out,just in
case my questions gets very stupid :)

Anyway. I have a site that I need to download and store every other day. I
have used Teleport Ultra in the past, but found that this program is better in
many ways, and much more user friendly. 
I have tried the GUI version, and it works great. I am trying to automate the
bi-dayly downloading, but I am having problems getting the syntax correct. Is
there a way to export the winhttrack settings to be used in httrack? I think I
will be able to set up the command line program to do what I want, I just have
to get the settings correct.

Thanks in advance.

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Export settings from winhttrack?

01/10/2008 12:07
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