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Subject: Re: Known problems with 'Pause' Option ?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/19/2008 19:02
> I admit, that I use a rather old version of HTTrack
> (3.33), but I had problems upgrading a while ago,
> and generally I am fine with it.
Many problems have been reported with the newer versions.  I recommend 3.33

> But recently I encountered the annoying habit, that
> the menu-option "Pause" does not show the desired
> effect (which is: finish running downloads, but
> don't start new ones).
> Is this a known behaviour, which probably solved in
This version only checks for the pause when the Top most receive completes and
lowers the max connection setting down.  This means that if the top receive is
a large file, many other smaller files will be started in the lower slots.

For the fastest pause, change options -> Flow control -> Number of connections
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