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Subject: "Create Folder" button when selecting mirror path
Author: Tony Austin
Date: 01/21/2008 01:11
Great product, I really like WinHTTrack. I have only one request, for something
that I (and I'm sure others) would find extremely handy: In the bottom left
corner of the "Browse for Folder" dialog box, please add a "Create Folder"
button. Currently you have to branch outside WinHTTrack to create a new
folder, using Windows Explorer or whatever, which is not very convenient. (I
did carry out a forum search, and didn't locate such a request, but might have
overlooked one). As a matter of record, I've requested this very same feature
addition for other products, sometimes with nary a response, but the more
"with it" product owners have seen the value of this feature and added it in
their next release (presumably because they agree with me that it's really
quite useful)!
... Cheers, Tony Austin. ... <> or

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"Create Folder" button when selecting mirror path

01/21/2008 01:11


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