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Subject: Re: HTTrack creating index.html files for each fol
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/21/2008 21:04
> I have an exisiting site that I update monthly. My
> November update worked fine however, my December
> update is creating an index.html file for each
> folder and subfolder. Why?  It is also pulling down
> all files from the server instead of just the
> updated ones. What would cause this? I have made no
> changes to my December update and have confirmed my
> settings match between November and December. Any
> help would be appreciated.

Perhaps the site inadvertantly unprotected each directory.  If Httrack can
read a directory it can download what's in it.

If you are you mirroring try (or what ever the
top file is called.)

Otherwise you can try a filter "-*/" to reject directories.
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HTTrack creating index.html files for each folder

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Re: HTTrack creating index.html files for each fol

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