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Subject: Httrack and Windows Vista
Author: Harald Schoen
Date: 01/21/2008 22:05
Hi folks,

this is just a short message to help all other guys and girls who might have
already spent lots of hours trying to get Httrack 3.42 running on a Vista
machine (as I did).

I wanted to create static pages from a local TYPO3 project. I have locally
installed the latest XAMP distribution under Windows Vista Business. Viewing
the pages generated by TYPO3 and editing them worked perfectly. However,
copying with Httrack failed completely, I got lots of strange "link is
probably looping" error messages.

BUT finally I succeeded by disabling
- Windows firewall,
- User Access Control and
- my local virus scanner.

I don't really understand why it finally worked because I had no problems
accessing the web pages through Firefox AND I had once disabled the firewall,
unfortunately without any effect then. So I don't know whether it's the User
Access Control or virus scanners that prevent Httrack 3.42 from functioning
properly. Perhaps the developers could comment on that and make Httrack more
compatible with Vista in the future.

BTW: The idea to disable the things mentioned above came from an Apache forum
and were originally meant for an XP SP2 system. At first, I didn't find that
necessary as Apache itself had been working correctly...

Good luck!

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